C R E A T I ö N

painting With an old way to paint between oils and different inorganic pigments... further the long way diving into an infinite colors from turquoises and blue-green tonalities (God and Earth; espiritual and physical... creativity and humanity in colortherapy)... we are painting our energies.

Influenced by Naïf and Surreàslisme... pretending outsider... in a new style in the future.Looking for an end's composition according with feng-shui's balance... Sensorial and original natural textures (from the Barceloneta's beach sand, ocean's origin point, Mediterranean...home and family) and another type of herbes, shapes and minimal curiosities always with a conceptual meaning.

Light effects from the most sophisticated techniques with porcelain, swarovski or reflectant acrylics to graffitti'spray and make-up tools.

Canvas, that transform the rest with the fly of time with a particular alive base, in connection with the atmosphere, breathing same air and atoms, giving the armony to the spectator. 


Go Dancers 2015
Go Dancers 2015

illustration "Pilot" is not a brand, is the tool to create an illustration or sketch with a black-blue line over white, sometimes a pencil like a preview of a creatiön... an emotion in the unconscious converted in a readable? image...

"Dibucats", my favourite, is a serie of illustrations as a taste of my love for this extraordinary being...the cat... sometimes near the surrealism and making my feline life in a personalized meaning.

photo Moreover all the visual inputs that we can perceive and register with the eye, a main important inspiration with any kind of object, shape, material... creation is open and infinite. Ocean is in all this creation, flowing and growing...

design... and transforming ideas It can be a legs of a table or a chair; it can be a strange thing founded in the middle of the street; It can be an old project rescued...

Environment in danger means love it and care it. Creation is an expression of love... All spaces show a level of love, materials, techniques and how we order or disorder the factors... express a level or style loving something, loving us, loving the environment.

RECICLE, BIODIVERSITY AND RENOVABLE ENERGY are the 3 main points of transforming ideas.



Registre Propietat Intel.lectual
Registre Propietat Intel.lectual